From the task view, you can write a note, upload an attachment, revise the due date, remove a dependency, or reassign the task.

You can edit a task at any time by selecting the edit pencil next to the task name.

You are also able to drag and drop files directly to the task from this screen. 

Users can Watch, Edit, Close, or Delete the task from the 'Actions' button near the upper right corner of the screen.

The assigned user can indicate how the task is progressing using the status button to the left of the 'Actions' button.

Commenting on Tasks

Collaborate with the task's assigned user and approver using the Comments section.

When leaving comments, you have the ability to tag another user. Type @ to bring up the list of taggable users.

You can also add a little color to your comments using the emoji feature. Just click the smiley face to the right of the comment box to get started.

You can edit or delete a comment after it's posted by hovering to the right of it. A three dot menu will pop up. Click it and select 'Edit' or 'Delete' to make your changes.

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