In this section, you will be able to see week by week analytics for your website, social posting, and paid advertising.


Along the top you can see a quick snapshot of your website analytics.

Underneath, you find the Weekly Summary feature where you can leave a summary of the work that's been done each week. 

Top Content shows the top social post for the week.

Activity shows the number of likes per social channel each day.


The Analytics view shows a more detailed snapshot of your analytics for the week. We pull this data from your Google Analytics account. It is not meant to give an in-depth report, but rather a CliffNotes version of the activity for the week. 

Social and Email Analytics

Beyond the high-level web analytics, you are able to dive deeper into analytics for each of your social channels and ESP.

You are also able to review each social post that went out for the week. 

To look at a previous week, click the arrow next to the Weekly Summary title and select the date range you want to view. You're able to access data all the way back to the start of your Torchlite Action account.

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