There are two ways to view your marketing plan: the galaxy view and traditional campaign card view.

The Galaxy View

The galaxy view is ideal for executives and project managers because it provides a 30,000-foot view of all marketing activities. It's structured similarly to a galaxy. Think of it this way:

  • Sun = Objectives
  • Planets = Campaigns
  • Moons = Deliverables (color-coded by task status)

We want to give you the info you need and be mindful of your time. The galaxy view is designed to give you a quick snapshot of how things are going across the marketing team. With this view, you can quickly drill into what's on time, what's being stalled, and what is causing any delays. 

  • Red means tasks in that deliverable are overdue
  • Solid green means the deliverable is complete
  • A green outline means it is in progress and nothing is overdue

Customizing Your Galaxy View

You have the ability to zoom in and out on details, rearrange where your objectives sit, and flip to a full-screen presentation view. You can also add a customizable background to personalize your marketing plan.

The Card View

Use this more traditional view to track all your campaigns. In under 30 seconds, you can quickly assess the health of any marketing plan and take action to fix issues.

The campaign card view provides you with a detailed, yet quick progress report of every project or campaign. 

You can see project status, a brief description, and who on your team is assigned to tasks.

You are also able to see whats due and overdue, as well as each campaign's percentage to completion. 

Now let’s take a deeper dive into one of your campaigns.

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