The marketing calendar is a mainstay of the marketing planning process. This is why Torchlite Action has multiple calendar views to help each team member visualize their role and optimize the calendar for their unique needs.

The Torchlite Action Calendar has seven different calendar views to choose from: 

  • Year - available in Gantt and traditional views
  • Quarter - available in Gantt and traditional views
  • Month - available in Gantt and traditional views
  • Week - available only in Gantt view

Many marketers jump to the Week Gantt view for their weekly team meetings. This allows them to quickly see what is assigned to the team and any obstacles that need to be resolved. 

Imagine your team meetings or 1:1's. With this view, you can see everyone's tasks or a single person's tasks. You can talk to managers about whole projects or their individual tasks. 

From the traditional year and quarter views, you get a heat map of activity. The darker colors indicate more tasks are due that day.

In the traditional month view, you can see when deliverables are due. 

The weekly view shows each task.

The calendar icon in the upper right corner allows you to export your calendar to whatever online calendar you use (Google Calendar, iCalendar, etc.)

Torchlite Action was built to house the entire marketing plan for global enterprises. By putting your plans into a visually compelling and intuitive format, we're empowering you to better manage all the projects and people to get marketing done.

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