Tasks are the most basic building blocks of your Torchlite campaigns. They tell you what needs to get done, when it’s due, and who's doing the work.

Here's how you create them:

Creating a Task within a Campaign

  1. Find the deliverable you want to create a task for. At the bottom of the Open column for that deliverable, you'll find an 'Add a Task' link. Click it
  2. Name the task. The name should describe the work that needs to be done. Think: Write Blog Post, Design Banner Graphic, Build Email, etc.
  3. Give it a description (this can always be added or edited later)
  4. Select a due date
  5. If this task can't be started until other tasks are complete, use the 'Dependencies' dropdown to check off all dependent tasks
  6. Assign an approver
  7. Click 'Create'
  8. Now it's time to assign someone to do the work. You can choose someone on your team or browse the Torchliter Marketplace if you need to tap a marketing expert to get the task done
  9. Click 'Assign Task' and you're done! Note: If you don't have someone to assign the task to yet, you can click 'Assign Task' without selecting someone to bypass this step

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