So you've created a custom campaign or campaign template. Now it's time to populate it with deliverables. Let's dive in!

Creating a Deliverable within a Campaign

  1. Click into the campaign so you're viewing the Campaign Overview screen
  2. Click the orange plus sign in the upper right corner of the screen
  3. Give your deliverable a name. This should be the marketing asset you need to create. Here are a few examples: Landing Page, Email Nurture Track, Blog Post, Event Invitation, etc.
  4. When do you need to start working on this deliverable? This is the Start Date
  5. Will there be more than one deliverable like this in your campaign? Think one blog post a week, or one email a month. If so, use the Recurrence dropdown to pick the recurrence schedule that makes sense for this campaign
  6. Click 'Create'
  7. Voila! You created a new deliverable. Now it's time to fill it with tasks

Note: You can go back and edit or archive your deliverable at any time by clicking the blue 'Edit Deliverable' link in the upper right corner of the deliverableĀ 

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